Selected Works

This is a kids’ product website specially designed for Cheri Kids, one of my freelance clients. This site aims to inform its regular customers and other clients its wide range of products as well as the latest news and events, so customers know what’s new and up with the company.

Website is done in HTML and Javascript. Graphics are done in Photoshop. Developed in Joomla CMS.

This website is designed for URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), for an exhibition called My Endearing Home. This website covers the exciting new plans for Singapore in places like Marina Bay, Jurong Lake District, Kallang Riverside, Paya Lebar Central and the Island-wide Leisure Plan. Also, this website highlights familiar places that Singaporeans cherish, like Chinatown and Little India for example. In overall, This website features Singapore as an Endearing Home for fellow Singaporeans who love and treasure this country.

Website is done in Flash and HTML. Graphics are designed in Photoshop and Illustrator.

This is Informatics Education's main website, and I gave the entire website a complete revamp by introducing a new clean and clutter-free look.

Website is done in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Graphics are done in Photoshop.

This is a website designed to cater to Informatics students and graduates who may need to give and volunteer their services, or to gather with other graduates within the Informatics campus.

Website is done in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Graphics are done in Photoshop.

This animated Christmas card is designed as an email blast to Informatics staff and students alike.

Graphics are done in Photoshop, and animated in ImageReady.

This website is specially designed for a cell group in TPMC (Toa Payoh Methodist Church), called Earthen Vessel.

Website is done in CSS and HTML. Graphics are done in Photoshop.

This poster was specially designed for Ellgy's new product - Ellgy Shower Creme. Ellgy Foot Cream was also featured in this poster because Ellgy had to highlight its skincare products besides the shower creme. I had come up with a soothing design of a female hugging a soft pillow, in order to illustrate the comfortable and soothing effect the product gives after use.

Graphics are done in Photoshop.

This set of posters was designed for Moz Away's new product - Moz Away's Mosquito Insect Repellant Spray. I had come up with a cute layout with a little girl as well as cartoon mosquitoes for this poster, because the product emphasizes that its safe for babies and children.

Graphics are done in Photoshop and Freehand.